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Travel Blog

South Africa Calling

South Africa – the Rainbow Nation, located at the very bottom of the African continent, with a population in the vicinity of 58 million.

Our plan was to have 3 nights in Cape Town, drive the Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth via various points then fly from Port Elizabeth via Johannesburg to Kruger National Park. So here we go……

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Ecuador – Latitude Zero

Breakfast on the Pacific coast, lunch at a snow-covered volcano and dinner in the Amazon?

This might sound impossible but in one of the smallest countries in South America you can do this in a day – welcome to Ecuador, Republic of the Equator – a country straddling the equator on South America’s northwest coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife rich Galapagos Islands.

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Adventure Cruising – Hawaiian Islands

Small ship, big adventures!! The adventure for me started at Kaunakakai on the island of Molokai with a demonstration of the traditional dance of Hawaii, the hula. Young and old, dressed in grass skirts and lei’s, swaying their hips, moving their arms and changing the expression on their face that tell stories passed down by their ancestors. → Read more

Wonders of Georgia

In May 2018, I travelled to Georgia on a small group tour to explore everything Georgia has to offer. Georgia is home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. It’s famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave Monastery dating back to the 12th century, and the ancient wine-growing region Kakheti.  Being located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia is a country that was part of the former USSR and after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 regained its independence.

The tour was a combination of sightseeing of cultural towns and cities, walks in stunning picturesque countryside along with exploration of historical sites. We experienced Georgian hospitality eating delicious traditional home-cooked food with local families washed down with plenty of fantastic Georgian wine.

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Walking between worlds in Egypt

As I stand deep in the Valley of Kings in Tutankhamun’s tomb, drinking in the colourful motifs and complex hieroglyphics adorning the cool walls of the Necropolis, in what is considered the most famous archaeological site in the world, goosebumps ripple up my arms and the guides words float in my head – “Today, after visiting the famous Pyramids of Giza you have seen why people come to Egypt, but now we will show you why people fall in love with Egypt”. The next two weeks we were very fortunate to be taken on a spellbinding journey throughout the main highlights of Egypt.

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Seoul Searching

In June 2017 I embarked on a journey to South Korea, a place that has always been of interest to me and it did not disappoint. From sumptuous nature to rich culture, South Korea has so much to offer and more. It is a beautiful country full of amazing natural reserves and luscious greenery that makes for fantastic active holidays.

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Patagonia: Remote, Pristine, Wild

This vast area situated at the southern and of the South American continent, and straddling the countries of Chile and Argentina, offers a wide range of travel styles. From 5-star spa luxury to 5-million star camping treks, and everything in between, it is no wonder that Patagonia has been the “Place to Go” for countless travellers over the years.

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Antarctica Dream becomes a Reality

If you have EVER dreamed of going to Antarctica, fulfill your dream.
In December I returned from an expedition and it’s incredibly difficult to put into words the sights, the sounds, the smells and the emotions that I experienced. A fellow traveller said that she wasn’t sure what to expect, but her expectations were certainly exceeded – I would have to agree.

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Chasing Madagascar

I am flying over the sparkling expanse of the Mozambique Channel to one of the most exotic, forgotten and ecologically diverse islands on the planet, Madagascar.   My first glimpse of this fabled island was not really as I imagined as what I saw, initially horrified me – smoke and fire.  Not one or two fires, but dozens, burning the land and sending dirty grey plumes spiralling upwards into the skies like mini tornadoes. Little did I know that my first impression of the island would be totally reversed when meeting its warm people, seeing its unique wildlife and spectacular landscapes which would takes us on a spell bounding journey.

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Columbia – From Rainforests to Reefs

Colombia has long been recommended to me as the best destination in South America, being less visited by other tourists; and for many years, I have been thinking of taking ‘my travellers’ to this country. I was hesitant up until recently, due to the political unrest and reputation of the drug lords etc. Over the years the country has seen a long internal conflict compounded by rampant drug production. However, Colombia is now entering a new era of peace and a consequential growth in tourism. Tourism is increasing at an annual rate of about 12%. A couple of years ago, Thor Travel consultants, Sandra Worsfold and Nieccia Miller, visited Colombia on two separate occasions, returning with rave reviews.

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