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Travel Blog

Patagonia: Remote, Pristine, Wild

This vast area situated at the southern and of the South American continent, and straddling the countries of Chile and Argentina, offers a wide range of travel styles. From 5-star spa luxury to 5-million star camping treks, and everything in between, it is no wonder that Patagonia has been the “Place to Go” for countless travellers over the years.

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Camino de Santiago

About 10 years ago, I first heard of a journey in northern Spain that Pilgrims have been walking since the Middle Ages. Known as the Way of St James, Camino de Santiago de Compostela, or simply The Camino, the route was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1987. Since then, the popularity of this journey as a Pilgrimage slowly increased until, in 2010, the movie, “The Way”, starring Martin Sheen and son, Emilio Estevez, put this journey onto the radars of those who walk for sport and leisure.
Having organised this trip for so many clients over the past few years, I felt it was time I went and had a look at what it was all about for myself.

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