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Tashi & Thor Travel – rated 100%

Posted by Thor World Travel on 04th January, 2019 in

I met Chris and Tashi Lachman when I joined Thor Travel’s tour to Bhutan in 2017.  This tour had been recommended to me by a friend who had travelled to Bhutan on three previous tours with Thor – surely I need say no more! The tour was everything and more of what I had been looking forward to and, on the basis of my enjoyment and participation in all the optional walks, Tashi suggested I consider a Nepal trek with World Expeditions. More than this, Tashi recommended a particular trek and starting date. Once I had Googled World Expeditions’ ‘ultimate annapurna dhaulagiri’ itinerary I was hooked – there was no way I was going to miss such an opportunity.

Tashi booked me on the 19 October 2018 departure date – at that stage not confirmed. The trek was something I will never forget, or thank Tashi for recommending, as the whole experience was … think of every superlative you have ever known and then some! I was very grateful to have booked through Tashi as her help was needed when I had spent three days in Kathmandu without booked-through luggage (a story too long to go into here). Her reassurance and emergency measures information saved my sanity and my enjoyment of the whole experience.

From the above, everyone reading this will know how I rate Tashi and Thor Travel, Adelaide, Australia – 100%