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Thor World Travel

Bhutan in November 2018

Posted by Thor World Travel on 12th December, 2018 in

Our preparation for Bhutan was seamless. From the moment we landed in Paro we received a Bhutanese welcome , treated as our guides Bhutanese family calling the land of Gross National Happiness home for 12 days. Each day began with a blessing for the wonder of the day ahead. Furthermore as each day progressed it seemed to surpass the last. It would be very hard to pen a favourite memory but particularly moving to me was the planting of our peace flag at Chelela Pass, morning/lunch with our Monk, the literally breathtaking view at Duchelo Pass, our wonder-filled home stay at Punarka and of course the Black -necked crane festival. Our guides and drivers ensured that each and everyone of our ‘Bhutanese’ family was totally taken care of every step of the way. This was a life changing experience and I recommend Thor Travel as the team to change your life as well. Thank you Thor!