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Diving in the depths of Papua New Guinea

Posted by Thor World Travel on 10th June, 2009 in News

My recent dive trip to Papua New Guinea was a truly memorable experience.

It is an incredibly interesting country both culturally and historically with friendly locals welcoming you to their villages and WWII relics to be discovered in the jungles. Couple this with world class diving and even the chance to visit some fresh water caves in Kavieng for those with the appropriate training and you could not ask for a more exciting destination.

Madang was amazing for the incredible corals, sponges and sea fans on walls plunging to great depths with all dive sites only a short boat ride away. Kavieng with its strong currents was great for the larger pelagic marine life such as sharks and rays and also had numerous WWII plane wrecks which made for a really different wreck diving experience. With visibility of 20-30 metres and water temperatures of 30C it was some of the most enjoyable diving I have ever done.
Finishing the day relaxing in a hammock with a drink in hand, watching the stunning sunsets, it was something I could easily get used to. I would love to visit some other parts of PNG to learn more about this diverse country, its amazing history and its welcoming peoples.