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Terms & Conditions

Terms:  These terms govern any travel and / or accommodation the Agent may book for the Client

About the Client:  A person who signs for a Client warrants they have authority to do so.  If the Client is more than 1 person, “Client” means each of them jointly and severally.  If a Client’s details set out above change, the Agent should be promptly informed.  A notice to the Client’s last known address or fax number is effective even if not received by the Client.

About the Agent:  The Agent is the Client’s agent in making bookings with one or more providers of travel and / or accommodation products (a “Provider”).  The Agent is not a Provider, is not liable for any marketing materials / price lists published by a Provider, nor if a Provider changes or withdraws their product at any time, nor if a Provider fails to properly perform a booking.  The Agent may require the Client’s written authority before making / changing / canceling a booking for a product.

Agent’s commission:  A Provider usually pays the Agent a commission per booking.  Commissions vary between Providers and products on offer, and may be a fixed amount or a percentage of the product’s price.   

Agent’s other charges: The Agent may charge each Client a fee of $100 (plus GST) (less any discount the Agent may allow) in these cases: (a) bookings made for that Client are changed or cancelled; and / or (b) if the Agent did not arrange travel insurance, but is required to supply or administer any documents for claims.  A fee is payable within 30 days after invoice or may be deducted from any refund otherwise payable to the Client.  Late payment of an invoice attracts interest at 9% per annum.

Product pricing:  A quoted price for a product might be time-limited, subject to special conditions or change without advance notice.  Quoted prices assume payment by cash or cheque.  If the Client pays by credit / debit card, the Client is liable to reimburse the Agent for any merchant’s fee payable to the card issuer.

Deposits:  A booking usually requires a non-refundable deposit be paid within a short time.  If the Client does not pay a deposit within time, the booking may be lost.  Payment of a deposit does not guarantee that the product’s price will not change.

Changes to bookings:  The Client should promptly notify the Agent of any proposed change to their itinerary.  If the Client changes or cancels a booking, the Client would incur a fee to the Agent as above and a cost or fee imposed by a Provider concerned.  If the Client cancels a tour package arranged by the Agent, an Agent’s fee of 10% of the total price is payable, plus any cost or fee imposed by the Providers concerned.                                                 

Insurance:  Upon making a booking, the Client should obtain travel insurance for any loss, delay, illness or injury that may occur before or during travel.  If the Agent recommends an insurance company, the Agent is not liable for the performance of the insurance company, nor whether the insurance terms and conditions are adequate or appropriate.  The Client is liable to pay on time any premium (and transaction taxes) for insurance.

Passports:  The Client should ensure that their passport has at least 6 months to run at all times while outside Australia and upon return to Australia and that their passport is valid for each country they will transit or visit.  If the Client travels on a foreign passport, they should ensure they have a valid return visa for Australia.  The Agent is not liable to attend to these matters.

Visas:  The Agent can advise the Client of the need for visas, based on information available at the time of booking, and can assist the Client in making initial application for those visas.  The Agent is however not liable to inform the Client of any changes to any country’s visa requirements after that time, nor is the Agent liable if a visa is refused or is granted on less than favorable conditions.  The Client is liable to comply with any conditions upon which a visa may be issued. A country that does not require the Client to hold a visa might however refuse entry to the Client (as a transient or visitor) if the Client has been at any time arrested or convicted for an offence.  If such is relevant to the Client, the Client should either promptly disclose the relevant information to the Agent, or promptly make direct contact with the embassy of each country the Client would transit or visit.  

Travel advisory:  Before leaving Australia, the Client should periodically access the Department of Foreign Affairs website and the Smartraveller website for the most current advice and warnings for travel destinations.

Emergency disclosure:  If an accident, disaster or emergency is reported to have occurred in a country where the Client is or may be travelling, the Client authorizes the Agent to disclose the Client’s itinerary (including transport and accommodation arrangements) and contact details to the Australian Government.

Limit of liability:  Subject to applicable laws, if the services the Agent provides are defective for reasons that are the Agent’s responsibility, the Agent’s total liability is limited to, at their election: (a) the prompt supply of replacement services; or (b) the payment of the cost of promptly supplying replacement services.  In no case is the Agent liable for any loss of profits or any incidental or consequential damages as a result of any claim in connection with a defective supply of services.

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